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Conversation with a client

Posted on October 21, 2014 at 11:51 AM Comments comments (2)
A conversation I had with a client today.
He was told four and a half months ago by his consultant at the spinal injuries at Stoke Mandeville Hospital that he would have to have major surgery on his back. He has had lots of injuries over many years throughout his football career (he has something to do with Chelsea football club, but I switched off a bit then as football bores me a little).
He wasn't able to lay on his back because of the pain and discomfort so the only way he could sleep at night was in the resting position or child's pose.
His discs in his lumbar spine were disc on disc, they had no space in between them (anulus fibrous) which meant there was no shock absorbers, very painful!
He was told to do Pilates four times a week which would be the only way he could prevent having this surgery.  So after four and a half months through Pilates and stretching he has elongated his spine and the gaps between the discs now have their shock absorbers. I am not a doctor and have to admit that I don't know how this happens but he now doesn't have to have major surgery. He will still be having something done, that is non invasive, he explained they  were going to insert something similar to a wire through his facet joints.  He has to carry on Pilates but is so happy after the pain he has had to endure that he said that he now knows he has to do it for life!
He also mentioned (back to Chelsea FC) that Drogba and the other footballers do Pilates and Yoga every week and that since doing this they have 21% less soft tissue tears (tendons, ligaments and muscles) AND his physio said that if everyone did Pilates he would lose at least 25% of his business.
Sorry to drone on, but I am fascinated by these stories especially as I have spinal issues that I didn't even know about until I had an x-ray.  My chiropractor told me that if I didn't do Pilates and Yoga I would at least be on a pain management programme which I am not!!!
I had to share this info with you.
Pilates if for life and we should all be doing it once or twice a week and practising at home.....

Love Pilates and love your body