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Janette Moy's workshop

Posted on December 31, 2015 at 7:26 AM Comments comments (227)
I attended Janette Moy's workshop as part of my personal development, like myself she is FRYOG trained.  We covered many aspects including asanas, a beautiful and strong flow for almost two hours followed by relaxation. 

After a welcome break we continued with Restorative yoga, a personal love of mine to relax and restore. After call and response chanting we did some Kirtan singing which was beautiful. I loved the sounds and echoes reverberating around my body clearing the subtle energy channels, leaving a tingling sensation inside the body. 

The day was finished with Yoga Nidra in Savasana, I really did want to fall asleep but I knew how important it was to totally calm the mind, the chitta vritti.  Continuing into relaxation and reaping the benefits of my now calm state, reducing any anxiety I had started the day with, my central nervous system calm I was able to surrender myself completely.