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The Yoga Bible

Posted on January 28, 2015 at 11:56 AM
Christina has been a yoga practitioner since 1989 and has written three previous books, besides The Yoga Bible on yoga. She holds teaching certificates from the Sivananda Vedanta Centre in Indian and the Sydney Yoga Centre.

Below in her book, The Yoga Bible she talks about the benefits of Yoga.

"I have seen many beneficial effects of yoga in my own life, some of which are intangible and difficult to measure, while others are more obvious. The most obvious benefit from my perspective is that the physical postures bring ease to ageing or ailing bodies after moving, stretching and limbering. As a qualified naturopath and counsellor, I also have a strong interest in working with people to use yoga as a therapeutic method for those with respiratory problems, pain, nervous systems disorders, or other physical limitations.

As you have already learned yoga is far more than the ability to twist yourself into a position resembling an old mariner's know. I believe that the physical postures also increase the flow of subtle energies. As you free up the body, you free up the mind. Flexibility in the body promotes mental flexibility, and this brings a sense of ease to life. In a similar way, a huge oak tree that stands stiff and straight will break in the wind and die, while a tiny sapling will bend to accommodate the wind and will thus live on. When you approach life from an easier state, you can more easily deal with the challenges it inevitably presents. I see and teach yoga very much as a metaphor for life'.

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